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Thank you for stopping by Divine Gifts!

Let us tell you a little about ourselves and about how this came to be.

Meet Amy Haas:

I grew up watching episodes of Little House on the Prairie, dreaming that I  could grow up and be just like “Ma Ingalls” – She was kind and competent in all things.  I’m still reaching, but am blessed that God has given me a beautiful family to love and care for, just as she did.

I learned to sew as a teenager, at my mother’s machine.  My first projects were gifts for my high school sweetheart, to whom I am now married.  After dabbling in quilting and other various sewing mediums for many years, I found my true passion for sewing after my daughter was born.  There seemed to be endless possibilities of beautiful projects to make for her.

During this season of life, God sent me a dear friend who shared some of the same passions, and even the same “Little House on the Prairie” memories.  The idea of a sewing business had been percolating in my heart for some time when Sara came along, bringing the spirit and motivation that I lacked.  Together we embarked on this business venture – Divine Gifts.

Through the many seasons  of life,  I continue to find joy in sewing.  My days are full of caring for my children, working part time as a registered nurse, serving at school and church, and finding time to create and sew.   Nothing makes me happier than creating a handmade gift for someone I love.   Life has now come full  circle, as my daughter is learning to sew.


Meet Sara Wakefield:

Though while growing up I watched my mom make everything from cross-stitch ornaments to prom dresses, I wasn’t at all interested in sewing.   Sports and music had my heart and my creativity was pretty much limited to decorating the inside of my locker and the bulletin board in my bedroom.  (These were both fabulous, by the way.  One year I saved up candy wrappers and covered the whole inside of my locker with them!)

When I got married, I suddenly found a need to save money by making my own curtains.  My mom gave me one of her old machines (which I still use!) and I learned to sew on valances, pillows, and then a t-shirt blanket of my high school and college volleyball shirts.  Confession:  I didn’t even know how to put the backing on so my mom finished that project for me!  I stuck with sewing anything rectangular until after my third child was born.

During that time Amy and I were working together on our MOPs steering team.  Talking about making things to give as gifts and sharing ideas with her gave me the courage to try sewing a few more difficult but super cute projects and I was hooked!  I think we both delighted in showing each other the new projects we came up with.  It wasn’t long until we decided to try our first craft show and Divine Gifts was born!

Sewing makes me happy.  I think every new thing I make is the next cutest thing in the whole wide world!  It’s so exciting to finish a project and send a selfie to Amy no matter what the time of day.  But when I’m not sewing, I have a passion for leading women’s Bible study, running (or trying to!), accompanying for school music groups, and trying to keep up with the housework that goes along with four kids.


How it all Started

2006:  We met each other as we planned to help with Bible school at our church.  (It was then that Amy found out that Sara cannot stand mayonnaise.)  With just three preschool kids between the two families, we were focused on crafts and activities and became fast friends.  Both of us were sewing minimally, learning as we went.

2007:  Each with a new baby and working together on our MOPs steering team, we discovered a shared interest in creating gifts for our friends and family.

2008:  The jingle ball is born!  As a joint effort to create a fun gift for our MOPs moms with new babies, we worked together to make several of these crowd-pleasers and suddenly we found some sales potential.

2009:  We participated in our first local craft fair right here in North-central Ohio and we were hooked!   Together we decide on the name “Divine Gifts”.

2012:  Divine Gifts joined facebook and created a gallery of show-and-tell photos and products for sale.

2013:  We began selling our children’s clothing, key fobs, and a line of baby products at local shops.

2015:  Time to branch out!  Divine Gifts Online begins.

2017:  Here comes our blog!  We’re busily working on connecting our social media outlets and can’t wait to share tips, products, and mini-devotions with our followers.